General options

Show Custom Exercises Only

This option is for those who prefer to list only own exercises. You can enable or disable this option as you like, even if you've already done built-in exercises. All exercises that have already been assigned data remain visible.


GymACE supports 5 languages, English, German, Spanish, French and Russian (the Windows version currently only German and English). The language of the user interface is automatically set according to the language setting of your device. However, you can override this setting here and set another language as the app language. As described here, it is also possible to rename the built-in exercises. Thus, you can easily translate the exercise names into any language by yourself. With translated exercise names and your own workout names, as well as personal notes, the app will, to a large extent, appear in your language, even if it is not officially supported.

Training options

Timer Duration

Here you set the starting values of the 3 timers in the training screen. The value is given in seconds.

The first timer can be used as an auto-start timer after you have entered a new set. You can also set the second timer to start automatically each time you move on to the next exercise.


This allows you to activate or deactivate the vibration after a timer.


This lets you activate or deactivate all sounds.

Record Sound

Choose one of the different sound effects you want to hear when you set up a new personal record.