Basically, workouts are a collection of individual exercises, which of course can belong to several workouts. With workouts you define your training plan. For example, if you are following a 3-day split training plan, you will create a separate workout for each day of the split program.


Create a Workout

Adding a workout is similar to adding an exercise. In the Workouts menu area, tap the "+" button. Enter a name and optionally a note.

To select exercises for a workout, tap 'Select Exercises' (the dumbbell icon). This will bring you to the list of exercises that can now be selected or deselected. The exercises will be added to the workout in the same order as you choose. When you've selected all the exercises you want, tap the 'Back' button and your exercises will appear in the Workout.

With the gear icon in the top right you can switch the list to edit mode. In edit mode, the order of the exercises can be changed using drag & drop. In addition, you can enter specific notes for each exercise in the workout, such as the number of planned sets or repetitions.

Deleting a workout

You can either delete a workout from the list of workouts by touching & holding until a pop-up menu appears and selecting 'Delete', or by going to the 'Edit' screen and tapping the delete icon.

Deleting a workout does not delete the included exercises or records. However, the assignment of all records entered in the workout to the workout is removed, which can not be undone.

Removing an exercise

In the exercise list on the workout page, you can touch and hold and select "Remove Exercise" from the pop-up menu. Or tap on "Select exercises" and deselect the exercises you want to remove.

Sets already created in the workout remain assigned to the workout even after removing the exercise from the workout.

Executing a Workout

Tap on the first exercise in the workout (or any other if you have reasons to start with another exercise). The training screen will appear in workout mode.

On the training screen, you can switch to the next or previous exercise by tapping the arrows or swiping left or right.

You can always go back to the workout page, where you can easily see the progress of the current workout: Each exercise you've done in the current session is colored.

Suppose you train in the gym and the machine you need for your next exercise is hopelessly blocked by a group of pumpers, so you have to switch to another machine. With GymACE, it's no problem to do another exercise of the workout instead. Or do an exercise from another workout. Or a completely different exercise that is not included in any workout. On the workout page, you immediately see what exercise needs to be done. The workout is complete when all exercises in the list are highlighted in color. But GymACE will not tell you that you're done. You can stop at any time - just as you can add extra exercises if you feel like it.